Healing Hands Network

Next Event -
Induction Workshop:

The next Training Day and Induction Workshop is
February 24th & 25th.
PTSD training day with certificate £35 for members £50 non members please request a booking form if you are not a member.

Please email healinghandsnetwork@gmail.com for more information.


Your Events:

As a charity we rely on the support and donations of individuals and companies. As well as supporting us by becoming a member or sponsor, we are able to attend any events you may be involved with to give talks and fundraise to help continue our support of the suffering.
Contact us to discuss this further.


Alongside the ongoing work overseas and with the UK Forces, the charity is involved in promotional and fundraising events.
Information on the upcoming events and opportunites will be listed below.

  • Feb  24th/25th  Training Day and Induction Workshop
  • April 21st  MTI Conference
  • May 12th Sarajevo Season begins
  • May 20th/21st Holistic Health UK Show NEC Birmingham
  • July 7th  Training Day.   Evening Summer BBQ
  • July 8th  Induction Workshop
  • October 13th Last flights to Sarajevo
  • November 24th  Training Day.   Gala Dinner
  • November  25th  22nd AGM


We are delighted to work with the Army run charity FABCAMPS which takes the bereaved families of soldiers away for an activity holiday during the summer.


We run 2 workshops each year during February and July. These workshops serve as an induction to new members to prepare them for working with us at home in the UK or overseas in Bosnia.

Dedicated to the relief of suffering from the mental, physical and emotional after-effects of war. Treating people overseas and in the UK forces